Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The first post ever

Hi everyone,
I figured I would start this and share the wonderful quilting projects I do! Of course I have been hard at work for the past few week
I made this quilt as a wall hanging to celebrate Valentine's day. It turned out wonderful!

I recently made a large bag to carry all my junk in, including my small purse.... this bag is the diaper bag designed by Amy Butler. I left out all the extra pockets and the cell phone pocket because my cell phone will not fit. It has duck cloth in between the two layers so it will hold up no matter what I put in.

For the past weeks it has been snowing here like crazy. In our back yard we have snow up to your hips at some places and up to your knees in the rest. The dogs are not so crazy about all the snow since they are so short. But it does give you time to sew and craft away. So please stay tuned to see what else I post soon!