Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...... A day late!

A happy belated Mother's Day to everyone. I was able to get my small mother's day gifts done just in the nick of time! I am horrible about taking pictures as the project goes! If you have questions please let me know I would love to help you out!

The sunflower wall hanging I hand embroidery for my Grandmother. She has a wall in her home that she hangs different things on throughout the year. I finished it off with Yo Yo's to make the center of each sunflower. I then added the yellow border and machine quilted it! Best thing is I didn't have to buy anything to do this one!

This group of flowers went to my mother! The best part is she doesn't have to water, weed or anything else for that matter. They will live forever also! I made this one for her to hang on the wall. It also includes Yo Yo's and buttons for the flowers and hand embroidery for the stems and grass. I am very proud since I started this one an hour before Mother's Day!

This one was for my God Mother! She really loved it and told me she will put it on her table for a while. Then she wants to redo her kitchen to hang it on the wall to match!
I must say this Mother's Day has showed me how much everyone appreciates receiving home made gifts!
Thanks for stopping bye!